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Josiah loves music of any sort. Anytime he sees a piano or keyboard he can’t resist “playing it”. When I sing to him, he sings along. When he hears it he dances.

It’s his dancing that gets me. He’s completely uninhibited. He spins in circles, stomps his feet up and down and waves his arms. All the while he looks up at me and smiles with delight when he realizes I’m watching him and enjoying his dance. He’s even more delighted if the whole family dances along.

He’s not a very good dancer, after all he is only one. He says very few words, so his singing is unintelligible. When he chooses to express himself in any way musically it’s completely undignified. And it’s so entirely delightful. I always think this is how God created him to be. Completely free, completely unconcerned with his appearance and completely delighting in the ability God has given him to sing, dance and celebrate.

I want to worship God in the same manner that Josiah delights in music. I want to dance before him, completely unaware of what a bad dancer I really am. I want to sing in a fashion that may be completely undignified but is a sheer expression of the delight I have in him and in who He has made me to be. I simply want to look up at my Father and say “Look at me, I’m dancing, I know you must love it!”

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