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An “Accidental Romance”.

My first romance began in kindergarten. I will spare you the sordid details but just know that they included an afro, a strawberry shortcake purse and a public display of affection that may have been involved in the reason I nearly flunked kindergarten. The joys of sweet love in the 80’s.

My 2nd romance began at Age eleven and is still going strong today. And no his name is not John. I am that kind of woman… 😉 Unlike “Afro Boy” who quickly forgot me after I was transferred to a new school this “romantic encounter” began with a pursuit by my beloved at age 3 and was sealed at an altar at age 11. I speak of my relationship with Christ. Which will be odd to many of you but I truly see my relationship with Christ as the greatest romance of all and I more than happy to explain it to those who ask.

It was around age 3 that my mom first took us to church and that God first began to plant truth in my young heart. And it was not long after that that we stopped attending church. But, God still pursued me. Somehow my young heart received enough knowledge to know that sin was separating me from Christ. I would pick up my Bible and begin at Genesis, listen to any Christian radio stations and pray a desperate prayer somewhere along these lines: “God I know you can’t take bad people to heaven. And I know I do bad things. If there is any way you can let me come to heaven even though I’m bad please do.” Fortunately, the lover of my soul already had a plan in place for capturing my heart.

I was 10 years old. The youngest of two. We were on the way to a friend’s house when my little voice peeped up from the back seat: “Mom, I want a little brother”. My mother laughingly informed me that she was done having kids. Two weeks later, I had the “last laugh”. My new baby brother would be joining us soon. I guess you could say it was an “accident”. We all preferred a surprise because a surprise is something you never expected but couldn’t imagine having lived without. At any route that “surprise” awakened my mother’s heart and it was back to church we went.

I was eleven years old. God had pursued my heart. He’d made it clear that he had paid the price of all my “badness” and indeed I was welcome not only to join him in heaven, but in a relationship with him. I met him at an altar at a baptist camp where he claimed me as his own and I vowed to spend my life living to glorify and serve him. It was the beginning of my first real romance and He will forever be my first love.

Of course, if you are reading this you are interested in my “accidental romance” so let me tell you about John. I was 21, never had a date, never been kissed (besides Afro Boy of course), sigh… And 21 came and passed with still no date. But, we must talk about that year because it’s the year God spoke to my heart yet again. It was the year he told me I was called to be a Pastor’s wife.

And the years passed… 21, 22 and 23. Still never been kissed. I attended weddings, listened to dating issues and listened to unwarranted advice on pursuing men. There was concern… Concern that I had never been on a date, concern that I did not go out of my way to be friendly to men, concern that my ovaries would dry up and I would never grant my mother grandchildren. And each time God told me to be still and to live the way he convicted me to live.

I believed that God had created me for a very specific purpose and in that he created a very specific man. While, I am in no way opposed to the normal world of dating, God kept restraining me. It was painful at times. And I was normal. I saw handsome Godly men, I dreamed about romantic dates or even just being pursued by the right man. I held babies and I cried as I wondered if I would ever have one to call my own. I was only 23 but it seemed like God’s plan for me was taking an incredibly long time to unfold.

At the time I lived in the “Mecca” of Godly christian men, many of them were training for ministry; it was seemingly the right place to be. And then God laid down the clincher. He asked me to move two and a half hours away to Wisconsin where I had sworn I had never seen a Godly man in my 19 long years living there. But, twelve years earlier I had vowed to follow God so off to Wisconsin I went…

And this is where I leave you, in hopes it will make you come again soon… 😉


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